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Infant Snooze FAQ

FAQ for Infant Snooze Sleep Baby Monitor

Infant Smart Mat FAQ

What does the iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat monitor?

The iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat detects & actively displays baby's breath count and also alerts parents/caregivers to baby’s


Tip 1 for Alarm Type Selection

Consider swtiching to vibration mode when care-giver/parent need a rest from looking after the baby.

Technical Specification

Technical Data

Operating RF Frequency: 433.47MHz
Output Power: -8.25dBm 

Infant Smart Mat

  1. Size: 535mm X 475mm X 71mm / 31.4" x 19.5" x 0.9"
  2. Power Supply: 4 X AA dry cell battery

Parent Control Unit

Maintenance & Warranty

iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat Maintenance

  1. DO NOT subject the mat to sharp folds other than the mid-point fold as it may damage the elements and affect the functionality and sensitivity of the mat. 
  2. DO NOT wash or immerse the whole mat in water. Clean the mat with a soft damp cloth and allow to dry.

iBabyGuard Sleep Monitors

If you have questions about the use or features of the Infant Smart Mat please contact our Help Center at the following e-mail address: support@ibabyguard.com.

When you email us for support, please include your contact details. This will help us in speeding up the process to serve you better.

What is “Low Body Movement Alert"?

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