Infant Snooze FAQ

FAQ for Infant Snooze Sleep Baby Monitor

Can we record the Breath pattern of baby's breathing?

No, you cannot record the Breath pattern of baby’s breathing. The breath pattern can be viewed in real time by tapping on the Breath Scope Tab.

How many days can we record baby's Sleep log for?

The last 7 days’ daily session of your baby sleep cycles are logged.

§  To view the Sleep log, Tap on the Sleep log tab.

§  To select the date for viewing

§  Tap on the drop down menu (shown by the arrow next to “today”)

§  To view the sleep session for the selected date, Scroll your fingers left or right on the graph.

§  The sleep sessions are displayed graphically by rectangular blue bars.

§  The total sleep duration for the selected day is computed.

If we only want to get alarm for baby only if baby stop breathing (No 'Wake-up' or 'Absence' feature), is it possible?

Yes, in the operation of Infant Snooze with smartphone, go to Setting Tab, select Alert Enable and set it to ‘off’.  For the Parent unit, switch the Alert Enable button to ‘Off’

Can we get the Audio feature on the Smartphone?

No, the Audio feature is available with the Parent unit.

What is the range between Smartphone and the Infant Snooze?

The range is about 20 meters with open space and the range will be reduced depending on density of walls. Range also depends on the type of hardware used (different model of device)

What is the range between Parent Unit and the Infant Snooze?

The range is about 20 meters with open space and the range will be reduced depending on the density of walls.

Will the monitor alarm is the battery is low? What is the indicator?

Yes, the low battery indication for the Infant Snooze will be displayed on the Parent unit and simultaneously red blinking LED on the Infant Snooze.

With the smartphone, low battery alert for the Infant Snooze will pop up, tap “OK” to clear alert and return to baby activity monitor state.

Alert tone will be triggered at every minute interval till Infant Snooze battery is replaced.

How do I ensure that the monitor is paired to Parent Unit or Smartphone? I switch from one to another.

The Infant Snooze can be paired with only 1 device at any time, make sure to switch off the Parent unit when switching from Parent unit to smartphone; disconnect from the apps application when switching from smart phone to parent unit.

Is there a warranty for the monitor? Parent Unit?

Yes, there is a 12 months warranty on electrical components for the Infant Snooze and Parent unit. The Warranty only applies to manufacturing defects under normal domestic use.

The Warranty does not cover faults caused by factors outside the manufacturer’s control, including failure to follow the quick setup guide and maintenance instructions, normal wear and tear, inappropriate use, misuse of the product, inappropriate storage method and/or inappropriate cleaning, modification, alteration, transformation of the product.

What does the E1 mean? What can I do?

E1 indicates that the fibre sensor in the Infant Snooze is damaged.

Send the Infant Snooze to your local agent for repair.

What is the maximum thickness of material that can be between baby and Infant Snooze?

We recommend the material’s thickness of no more than 3mm.

Is it true that when battery on the mat is low, the music feature will not stream?

Yes, streaming of music consumes power. While the Infant Snooze is still functioning, the music streaming does not work. We recommend a change of the Infant Snooze’s batteries.

For audio feature on Parent Unit, is it a 2-way communication feature? How does it work?

Yes, the audio feature of the Parent unit works as a 2-way communication between the Infant Snooze with the parent unit.

·         The Infant Snooze audio picks up any sound eg. Baby’s crying and transmits to the Parent unit, so the Parent unit can alert the parents/caregivers when baby wakes up.

·         To talk back to the Infant Snooze, on the Parent unit, press and hold onto the ‘Talk’ button and speak via the microphone on the bottom front of the Parent unit.

·         The ‘Talk’ icon will pop up. Release ‘Talk’ button when not speaking.

Are batteries included in the monitor?

No, batteries are not included.

How long does batteries last on mat? On Parent Unit?

On an average of 12 hours use per day, the batteries can last about 25 days for the Infant Snooze and the Parent unit.  We recommend lithium batteries for best performance.

Does feeding interval work on Smartphone even though the mat is off?

Yes, the feeding interval reminder works even when the Infant Snooze is turned off.

Will the mat pick up breath counts even if baby is sleeping on side/ tummy?

Yes, the Infant Snooze can detect the breath movement when the baby is sleeping on side and on tummy as long as the chest is on the Infant Snooze.

How come when the Infant Snooze is working but the music cannot stream?

The battery for the Infant Snooze may be low so music cannot be streamed. Replace the batteries.

The music streamed from the mat seems to be soft, even though it is on 'High' for volume setting. Is there any way to increase volume?

The source volume is soft.  Please download from other source that has louder volume (e.g. MP3)