Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)


FAQ for Infant Smart Mat Baby Monitor

What does the iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat monitor?

The iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat detects & actively displays baby's breath count and also alerts parents/caregivers to baby’s

  1. breath movements

  2. no breath movements

  3. irregular breath movements

  4. waking movements

Can I place a piece of cloth between baby & baby mat? What is maximum thickness?

Yes, a piece of cloth can be placed on the Infant Smart Mat. However, the recommended thickness is material should not be more than 3mm thick to ensure accuracy of breath monitoring.

Is the iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat classified as a 'Medical Device'?

The Health Science Authority in Singapore has verified that the iBabyGuardTM  Infant Smart Mat is not a Medical Device. The Baby Sleep Monitor is not a diagnostic device. Price: RRP USD 495 is expensive to pay for Infant Smart Mat that can only be used for about 1 year.
Average price for about 10-12 month of usage. (Infant Smart Mat best to work on babies between weight of 2-12 kg).
Monthly is  around USD 40 per month for a peace of mind. Very affordable for a ' essential nanny 'to monitor baby 24/7!

Domestic Helpers & nannies are common, easily available & affordable in our country. Extra monitoring gadgets are not necessary.

Domestic Helpers or nannies usually juggle between minding baby, housework or resting. It is a fact that the best time to rest or catch up with housework is when baby is asleep. Most importantly, should baby stop breathing, they look like they are sleeping to us. The Infant Smart Mat / Infant Snooze will give an alarm to alert the caregivers whenever help is needed most( eg when baby stops breathing from choking on milk).
Parents can have a true peace of mind now knowing that they can leave their precious babies with their helpers, nannies and even grandparents.

Is iBabyGuardTM Baby Sleep Monitor safe for babies?

iBabyGuardTM Baby Sleep Monitors are very safe for baby. The fiber-optics technology uses light as the sensing medium to detect subtle movements which does not emit any electrical energy. Furthermore, there are no cords required to connect the mat to the parenting unit. It Is Safe as it Does Not Have Any Cords that May Cause Strangulation.

It is powered by lithium batteries which last for a month if Infant Smart Mat is switched on 12 hours a day.  It is not mattress dependent so you can place the Infant Smart Mat on any flat surfaces & bring it anywhere baby goes.

Should we switch on iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat when baby is awake?

As iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat is to monitor a baby's sleep, you can switch it off  when baby is awake.

Should there be stains, what can we use to clean surface of the mat?

The iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat is made of baby-safe and waterproof material. Recommended to clean stains with mild disinfectant or warm water immediately. 

What is the baby's weight range suitable for iBabyGuardTM Active Baby Monitors?

The Infant Smart Mat  is suitable for newborn of 2 kg to a growth weight of 12 kg or 4.4lb to 26.4 lb.

How long can the batteries last?

Batteries can last for 30 days for a 12 hours operation per day. Recommended to use lithium dry cell. However, alkaline batteries can also be used.

What is the distance apart between the Infant Smart Mat and Parent Unit?

The recommended  (approx.) distance is 100 metres outdoors and 25 metres indoors. Well suited for any environment.

What is Technology behind the Infant Smart Mat?

Prioritizing safety coupled with accuracy, the state-of-the-art Fiber-Optics Technology uses light as a sensing medium to convert breathing movements to breath counts real time!!!

How do we explain the Fiber Optics Technology used in the iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat?

Fiber Optics uses light as a sensing medium.
To explain how this light sensing of Fiber optics technology...
Imagine the light in the Fiber Optics is like  water running through a water hose.When fully turned on, the water will be running throughout the water hose.When you step on one part of the water hose, the water in other side will spurt out.
Alike the water, when a baby is sleeping on the baby monitor, the biggest part of the body that is moving is the chest. The chest presses on the fiber optics. The Fiber Optics can count the number of times of this tiny movement and converts it into Breath movement count.
Most importantly, since light is the sensing medium, it does have any electrical emission

How long does the Infant Smart Mat takes to trigger no breathing alarm?

When the Infant Smart Mat detects no breath movements for a period of  15 seconds, an alarm will sound both on the Infant Smart Mat and on the parent control unit .

How is  the 15 sec duration of ' 00' or No breath movement decided upon?

It is a medical definition given by doctors who tested the iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat.
While it gets critical should baby stop breathing for under 1-2 mins, the 15 secs give caregiver some time to react to the situation appropriately.

What are the benefits to parents ?

When a baby lies on the Infant Smart Mat, it is able to detect the breath movement count. This is the only active breath movement monitoring product for a newborn during sleep. Typically newborns sleep as much as 16 hrs or more a day, thus it is vital to monitor their sleep. The question is who is looking after the baby while he/she is asleep for such a long time? Audio and Video monitors work well when baby is awake. What happens when baby sleeps? With audio monitors, you only hear the sound that a baby makes. With video monitor, parents have to ‘keep an eye' and watch the baby remotely and occasionally if their baby is moving or not. The iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat monitors when the baby is asleep and alerts the parents anytime a need arises e.g. wake-up or difficulty in breathing amongst other features. It serves as a 'concierge service' to help baby communicate with the parent/caregiver just when it is needed so. A traditional mattress will not be able to do all these. While BabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat does not replace the human touch, it allows parents a peace of mind when caring for their babies. 

What has feedback been so far?

It is an essential guardian for every newborn. Safe for the baby and yet highly effective in monitoring. This is an irresistible item even for the newborn’s grandparents who want only the best for their grandchildren. 
The outstanding care-benefits of iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat makes it a really great baby shower gift to be received by parents and be 
given by family members and colleagues. 

What is the main purpose of the iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat ?

iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat is the World’s 1st Baby Sleep Monitor that shows Realtime Breath Count. 
Conferred the Distinctive Asian Innovation Awards 2011 Finalist (Wall Street Journal), iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat helps alert parents/ caregivers effectively of a Sleeping Infant's breathing difficulties so help can be given at the right time. It is the Only Baby Monitor that is validated by Singapore Largest Baby Hospital.
An 24/7 Essential Guardian for a True Peace Of Mind!

What is the Target Market?

iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat is a MUST HAVE for Every New Born for Parents who want the best for their babies. 
An 24/7 Essential Guardian for a True Peace Of Mind!

What is warranty of iBabyGuardTM Infant Smart Mat?

Warranty covers the electronics component of the Infant Smart Mat  and the Parent Unit. It only  applies to manufacturing defects under normal domestic use. It does not cover faults caused by factors outside the manufacturer’s control, including failure to follow the quick setup guide and maintenance instructions, normal wear and tear, inappropriate use, misuse of the product, inappropriate storage method and/or inappropriate cleaning, modification, alteration, transformation of the product. 

The Warranty is valid for 12 months from date of purchase and extended up to child’s 1st year birthday upon producing child’s birth certificate if product is purchased earlier. The extension is valid up to a maximum of 6 months from date of purchase.

There is too much noise( alarm)  as baby wakes up many times. Can I switch OFF the Movement 'M' & Absence '--' alarm?

Yes, press on to 'Mode' & select the Alarm Enable Function: ' '. Press until the ' ' icon appears on Parent Unit. By Default the 'Alarm Enable Feature' is off. The Infant Smart Mat will only alarm when baby stops breathing when 'Alarm Enable Feature' is Off.

My Infant Smart Mat does not alarm when baby wakes up (moves) or when baby is absent from Infant Smart Mat. I can see icon displayed on Parent Unit only. Is it spoilt?

No it is not spoilt.  The Alarm Enable Function : ' ' is just off ( Default setting). 
This Alarm Enable Function controls the Alarms for:
1. Wake up or Movement 'M'
2. Absence '--'
When this is Off, Infant Smart Mat will only alarm for No Breathing. On Parent Unit, press MODE& Select til the ' ' is on if you want to be Alarmed during 'M' movement or '--' absence.

Can the Infant Smart Mat be folded any other point other than the fold in the middle?

No, the Infant Smart Mat will be damaged with any other fold other than the mid-point fold.

During transportation, my helper dropped her sewing scissors on the Mat. It showed E1. What does that mean?

Due to the highly sensitive nature of the Infant Smart Mat, it is common sense that we should handle it with extra care. There is a 1 year warranty on the Electronic parts ( white panel & Parent Unit) of the Infant Smart Mat.  However on the Infant Smart Mat itself , there is no warranty for mishandling that is not in accordance to specified usage. ( For Details see user guide). Baby's weight should be between 2-12kg and no sharp objects on the baby monitor.