Infant Smart Mat

Infant Smart Mat

iBabyGuard™ Infant Smart Mat is the World’s 1ST Award Winning Baby Sleep Monitor that Detects & Actively Displays your Baby’s Breath Count.


Price USD199 only  with Free Worldwide  Delivery!!!

Dimension of Infant Smart Mat : 800mm x 475mm x 25mm 
Power Supply : 4 x AA dry cell  battery
Dimension of Parent Unit : 60mm x 100mm x 20mm 

Weight: 2.2 kgs
Power Supply : 2 x AAA dry cell battery

For best performance, Alkaline or Lithium dry cell battery is recommended

Award-Winning Technology


Why iBabyGuard Infant Smart Mat

Safe for the Baby, Easy to Use and Totally portable!

* Reliability & Accuracy Proven: The Fiber-Optic Technology has been Test-Bedded and Validated in Singapore Largest Paediatrics Hospital.

* No more constant pacing to & fro baby's nursery!

* No more sleeping with half-eye or ears open in case baby needs you!

* Battery Operated. No more cords & wires!

Infant Snooze is your answer to hassle-free and smart monitoring of your sleeping baby.

This revolutionary baby monitor will Actively Alarm you just when baby needs you most... so that you can DO YOUR PART!

Adorable Babies on Infant Smart Mat!