Infant Snooze

Infant Snooze

iBabyGuard™ Infant Snooze is the Award Winning Multi-Featured 
Baby Sleep Monitor that Detects & Actively Displays your Baby's Breath Count on Your Apple & Android Devices.

Dimension of Infant Snooze : 620mm x 321mm 
Power Supply : 4 x AA dry cell battery 
For best performance, Lithium dry cell battery is recommended
(Parent Unit Sold Separately) 

Award-Winning Technology


Key Features

1. Graphically Display the following Breath Movement patterns on a Apple & Android Devices:

i)      Breath Movements 
ii)     No Breath  Movements “00”
iii)    Waking Movements “M”
iv)    Baby Absence “—"

Our Wake-up Technology is the Most Advance in the World, using Dual Sensing which Encompasses Fiber Optic and Sound!

2. Displays sleeping Baby's Activity Log and Status for Up To 7 days.   No need for manual recording by parent/caregiver!

3. Streams MP3 audio files from Apple & Android Devices to Infant Snooze. i.e. lullabies, 'mommy's womb music', e-books and even your voice recording

4. Room Ambient Temperature Sensing 

 5. Two-way Audio Communication with Baby only from Parent Unit to Infant Snooze (Optional item)

Now every Smart Parent can REST & WORK IN PEACE with this Awesome Award Winning Baby Sleep Monitor


Why iBabyGuard Infant Snooze

Safe for the Baby, Easy to Use and Totally portable!

* Reliability & Accuracy Proven: The Fiber-Optic Technology has been Test-Bedded and Validated in Singapore Largest Paediatrics Hospital.

* No more constant pacing to & fro baby's nursery!

* No more sleeping with half-eye or ears open in case baby needs you!

* Battery Operated. No more cords & wires!

Infant Snooze is your answer to hassle-free and smart monitoring of your sleeping baby.

This revolutionary baby monitor will Actively Alarm you just when baby needs you most... so that you can DO YOUR PART!

Infant Snooze vs. Infant Smart Mat

Usage & Care