Why Sleep Monitoring?

A Must for Every Newborn

The first thing a baby needs to do, after leaving the protection of the mother’s womb, is to breathe. A gentle slap to baby’s bottom will trigger the 'first' cry and more importantly the first breath.

Here at iBabyGuard™, we share the same joy and concern with countless new parents as they embark on their journey into parenthood. That is why we are proud to present iBabyGuard™Infant Smart Mat & Infant Snooze, a first-of-its-kind innovation for discerning parents and caregivers. We give you the peace of mind by making your baby’s well-being our top priority.

Monitor your Baby's Sleep

A newborn baby may sleep as much as 16 hours a day. It is vital to monitor your little one’s sleep to ensure that they are safe and sound.  However, it can be physically demanding to constantly check on your baby while juggling with your daily activities.


Imagine this: You are standing by the cot watching your little one sleep. After a while, you lean in to check on your baby before going about your daily chores. Every once in a while, you pop in to check on your baby again to ensure that everything is well. Chances are, you will probably repeat this sequence numerous times throughout the day.


iBabyGuard™ Baby Sleep Monitor is safe for your baby as it uses the latest state-of-the-art Fiber-Optics sensing technology to sense your baby's every breath movement non-invasively. It uses light as a sensing medium and does not emit electrical energy. Running on dry cell batteries, it is wireless, thus, preventing incidents of strangulations. For best performance, Lithium dry cell battery is recommended.

Why iBabyGuard Sleep Monitor

Safe for the Baby, Easy to Use and Totally portable!

* Reliability & Accuracy Proven: The Fiber-Optic Technology has been Test-Bedded and Validated in Singapore Largest Paediatrics Hospital.

* No more constant pacing to & fro baby's nursery!

* No more sleeping with half-eye or ears open in case baby needs you!

* Battery Operated. No more cords & wires!

This revolutionary baby monitor will Actively Alarm you just when baby needs you most... so that you can DO YOUR PART!

iBabyGuard vs Audio & Video Monitor

iBabyGuard vs Movement Monitor